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Come into the Metal Land

Move into battle mode to  controls the ultimate warship and battle the mighty Emperor Zerox's army who reign with an iron fist on planet Xellia. Find and destroy the magnetic field source which holds the intergalactic ship that you escort or become the leader of the rebellion by releasing the enslaved population for millennia. Help Major Celina Pelinsky accomplish this most perilous mission, but are you really ready to fight for freedom?

The Storyline

In a distant world, an intergalactic ship carrying settlers to the planet Laderia II is suddenly trapped by a powerful magnetic field from the exoplanet Xellia, which until now was unknown. On board a small stealth fighter, the Rayden MG323, the Major Celina Pelinsky has mission to detect and destroy the source of this magnetic field while an energetic shield temporarily shields the mothership from external attack. Celina will have to use all her skills as a seasoned pilot to make her way to this hostile planet where she will have to fight against the terrible army of Emperor Zerox, a maleficent being with mysterious powers.

About the Game

Irena Genesis Metal Fury is currently under development with the SDGK and for this first White Ninja's project, our main goal is provide a new exclusive shoot'em up for the 16-bit SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive gaming system. Once the game is fully finalized, we will want to produce several physical editions to satisfy players and collectors looking for new sensations on SEGA console. We will make sure to offer high quality physical editions for differents regions with many goodies for fans.

Prototype demo

To give you an idea of the project and judge our work, we have developed in a few months a prototype demo available for free download.

This demo allows to play the stage 3 until a mini boss. It's possible to adjust the player's lives and credits to progress smoothly. At startup, a quick how-to shows you how the game works.

To play with the demo prototype, it's necessary to have an SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive (or a clone) with an EverDrive on which you can copy the ROM. If you have a clone like the MegaSG, you will need to use a flash cart.

You can also enjoy the demo on an emulator. We advise you RetroArch, Regen or Kega Fusion that we tried during the tests. Nevertheless know that the experience is better on Mega Drive and MegaSG.

*Picture from zenni@2019 on Twitter


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irena-genesis-metal-fury-kickstarter-demo.zip 738 kB

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Gorgeous game ! when will you finish? Superb in all senses. Comgrats in advance. Deserves another test play in your honor !

Also tested the demo on the 2017 Tectoy Mega Drive: it runs, but when the gameplay starts, the ship disappears when you try to move. Super interested in supporting when it releases, though! Is there any way to check this problem out?

Hi and thanks for your feedback!

The TecToy Mega Drive being different from the SEGA Mega Drive, it’s not easy to find a way to solve this problem, because we don’t have the possibility at this moment to get a Mega Drive TecToy.

Such a good game. love the style but especially love the music. Can't wait to buy this when it comes out!

Awesome shoot em up, i will be purchasing and amazing work :)

Thanks a lot for your support :)

It doesn't appear to work on the 2017 model made by TecToy. However I played it on an emulator and absolutely loved it!


Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, we don't have a TecToy console, so we can't check if our game is working or fix any issues on it. Before releasing the prototype demo, we contacted TecToy to get one game system, but they never followed up on our request. We hope that someday we can get one of their model for add compatibility with this hardware.

Que bonito <3

Question, will I be able to buy the ROM to play on an emulator or the MISTer FPGA?

Hello, of course you will be able to buy the ROM in order to play Irena Genesis Metal Fury on the hardware of your choice.

Love the demo, can't wait for the full game!

Thank you for your comment, we hope you enjoy the new demo that is being prepared.

 I just downloaded the demo and the game seems to not be in the Zip folder

Hello, please download again the zip file and use the binary file with an emulator like Kega Fusion or Regen.

ahhhhhhhh! that's my bad 

This is so cool! I love the idea of the Dragon that we see in the video. I hope you can finish the game. I can see that a lot of efforts have been put into it.

Really nice game. The game is a bit too hard, I only get to finish it using save states. Suggestions: add some checkpoints; make an easy option, with enemies taking less hits to destroy them; maybe add more shield item. Keep up the good work! 

Excellent work!  I will eagerly be awaiting the chance to order the final game!  

What a pleasure to see so much love :) Can't wait to see the full game and order my cartridge. All the best for nexts milestones.